We offer various services to help  take your school to the next level.
  1. Management
    Work with the leadership team to facilitate the day-to-day operations of the school in order to meet goals and ensure compliance in a safe learning environment.
  2. HR Support
    Provide support with recruitment, hiring, evaluations, certification, and employee benefits
  3. Governance
    Coordinate meetings with the governing board, to ensure compliance with governance and The Sunshine Law. Ensure that the expectations of the board are met.
  4. Curriculum & Data
    Work with the school's leadership to ensure a response to data, including differentiated instruction, in order to increase student achievement.
  5. Accounting
    Provide support in budget, accounting, grant management, and purchasing.
  6. Educational PD
    Through the Florida Continuous Improvement model, provide and support ongoing professional development for teachers and instructional leaders.
  7. Implementation
    Provide turn-key support in planning & implementation phases of opening a school. This includes but is not limited to, writing & defending applications, vendor agreements, curriculum, marketing, etc.
  8. SACS Accreditation
    Provide schools with clear procedures and manuals that facilitates the efficient operation of the school to ensure compliance and accreditation with respectable agencies, such as SACS.
  9. Satisfaction
    We provide support in a multifaceted approach to education in order to ensure satisfaction. We believe that our approach allows for a positive, team-oriented environment that everyone wants to join.
We offer various services to help  take your school to the next level.
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